However, sometimes the decisions made by the company as to what’s offensive or not can be a little odd.

BBC Newsbeat report that this painting, Ice Cream by Evelyne Axell, ‘shows excessive amounts of skin or suggestive content’. It was uploaded to the Facebook page of the Philedelphia Museum of Art but was shortly removed by censors.

‘”(She was one of) the first female Pop artists who, when it came to art, only had one thing on her mind – confidence.”

“Evelyne aimed to paint pictures of women who were confident in their pursuit of satisfaction, rather than the decorative objects they were painted as in mainstream Pop Art.”

It seems like people are largely in support of the image being allowed on Facebook, saying that it’s not blatant nudity, but more a tongue in cheek artistic expression.

Lead Image via Twitter/@philamuseum

The museum stated: