A month ago, I went to visit a big aunty of mine, to talk to her about this event, and upon seeing the invitation card she said, “Ha, is this an American Express card?

How much did you spend designing this? This I.V. looks so nice and sophisticated. I hope I’ll be able to afford the apartment o!” Then I said to her,

“Luxury is not expensive. It is the time and effort that goes into delivering luxury that is expensive.”

Ladies and gentlemen, this event is about optimism; it builds on the convergence of evidence that great things are achievable if we have the courage to face the impossible.

It is amazing how our environment could determine our destiny, / how the people we surround ourselves with could dictate the person we become, / how a big idea in one place could be a small one in another.

Five months ago, I met with the King of Dubai. / I was curious about the transformation of this great city that went from a land of sands and camels into a city of marble and towers. / How a land that, three decades ago, had less than 10 skyscrapers, but today is home to 25% of the world’s construction cranes.

(I don’t know how many skyscrapers they have in Dubai, but the last time I checked, driving around, I counted over 120.)

So I asked, “How did you do it?”

He said that, one of the fundamental secrets of success is anticipation: the capacity to see the future; the ability to visualize and meet the needs of society.

All my life I have studied one thing, the KING also talked about how keenly interested he is in: / innovative ideas that can increase efficiency and make the United Arab Emirates the leaders of the world, and not followers.

He said his inspiration is guided by only one principle. / That is, “To be 2nd is to be last”; that for them in Dubai, true winners are people who add value to their society. . .

And then he asked me, “Young man, what value are you adding to your society? What are your dreams?” / I described my dream of a project in Lagos:  a 15-storey building, about 30 to 40 units, fully furnished, located somewhere around Alexander Road in Ikoyi. He listened carefully and he asked, ”Is that the best street in Lagos?” I said, “No, it’s not the best, but one of the best.” Then he smiled again and said, “You have great ideas, but your dreams are too small. Make them bigger!”

That came as a shock to me because, this was the same idea I described to an elderly friend and he told me, “Suji, take it easy, take it easy! This is Nigeria. It will be difficult to achieve. These dreams are too big!”

Ladies and gentlemen, when will our dreams stop being too big? When will we as a society rise to our true potential? / All my life I have heard that we are a nation of great potentials; that this nation, in 1960, was rated higher than Japan as a preferred investment destination. Our GDP per capita was higher than that of South Korea!

But today, we can all see what South Korea and Japan have done with their potential. By thinking big and doing big, they have transformed themselves into mega-economies, and I strongly believe that our generation can achieve this for our nation.

I refused to believe that we are a nation of idealists and thinkers; we must start transforming our potentials by becoming a nation of realists and doers.

People who think, think big, and do big!


It is not OK to use 20th century mindset to develop 21st century cities. So, when the idea of an iconic building first came to my mind, one name kept ringing in my head: Lorenzo… Lorenzo.

Why Lorenzo, you might ask?

Lorenzo de’ Medici, also known as “Il Magnifico”, was a 15th Century Florentine statesman, businessman of no equal, philosopher, patron of arts, architectural inspirator, and father of Pope Leo the 10th.

He was the most prominent member of the powerful Medici family; and not only did he discover, but he inspired the works of great artists like Buonarotti Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci , Sandro Botticelli and many more… Lorenzo transformed the architectural mindset of the time, and was the man who introduced true elegance into luxury living.

Today, six centuries later, Sujimoto revives the Florentine magnificence by presenting “The Lorenzo”; a symbol of structural mastery, bringing ancient grandeur into 21st century architecture.

In coming up with this project, we visited more than 40 buildings in Lagos and Abuja. We travelled across three continents in search of quality and inspiration.

We went to Dubai, and saw the beauties of Downtown.

We travelled to Tokyo: to the prestigious suburbs of Ginza.

We went to New York: and visit some penthouses in Manhattan.

We have learnt from the best, / and we know that the world belongs to those who create something RARE, and not the NORM; those who go the extra mile; those who think big, and build big.

Ladies and gentlemen, LorenzoBySujimoto will be the tallest residential building in Lagos. For the first time in Nigeria, we will have a fully automated building, where you can control all your appliances with the touch of a button. / Your curtains, your air conditioning, your entertainment system will all be linked to a central command, which will be accessible from anywhere in the world. /

A highly secure building where, through an automated system, no-one could enter your apartment without your knowledge . . .


We will also have the “Eye of Bourdillon”: the highest pool deck in Nigeria, where a semi-Olympic sized swimming pool is located on the 16th floor. A place for ultimate relaxation!

Our penthouses will have a private garden (250 m2) with a private swimming pool on the 23rd floor, 6 master bedrooms, a private gym, a private office, and a private movie room. . . (best in Africa).

Our vision is to change the way people live, so that immediately you step into Lorenzo, you’d think you are in the middle of Knightsbridge or somewhere in Manhattan.

LorenzoBySujimoto is not only about luxury lifestyle; it is a project where investors could kill two birds with one stone: / a place where you can live and also have a fantastic return on investment.

If you look at the most expensive 3-bedroom apartments in Ikoyi or Victoria Island, prices range between 300 and 500 million naira. But here, we are promising a property of unrivalled luxury at a reasonable price.

Yes, we cannot hide from the fact that we are going through one of the most challenging economic times of our nation, / but one of the bedrocks of any civilisation is accommodation.

LorenzoBySujimoto is a great project, a project that guarantees a minimum of 100% return on investments. No other company in Nigeria could offer you a better deal. No other real estate company in Nigeria has been able to bring together the three fundamental principles of real estate:LOCATION, ARCHITECTURE, and LIFESTYLE. . .

Leading change is not easy. Our vision is clear, our mission is precise. / We are not ONLY trying to build the best building in Lagos; we are building the architectural capital when it comes to luxury living.

What we are actually trying to do is to leave an everlasting experience with our clients.

Sujimoto has nothing to do with mediocrity; one word we do not recognise isimpossibility. Our intention is not to do things 10% better, but to do things 10 times better.

It is not our priority to do everything in Real Estate; what is important to us is the efficient delivery of TRUE luxury. Therefore, come 1st Quarter of 2018, Sujimoto will be proud to hand over the LorenzoBySujimoto Project.

Ladies and gentlemen, there is an English word that begins with the letter F, this word has been the back bone of many people’s failures.

The word FEAR means two things: F orgetEverything And Run. . . or Face EverythingAnd Rise.


Barack Obama called it the Audacity of Hope, we call it the Audacity of Courage.

 Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for listening!